Thursday, January 13, 2011

Color TRENDS 2011

                          SIX specific GRAND colors for SPRING 2011!!!!!!!!!

I am soooo excited!!!! I'm panting as I peck along the key pads... I really should have paid attention in typing class. FOCUS!!! Colors...

1. Pink- HONEYSUCKLE Pink to be exact.  Doesn't that just sound delicious? I read that this particular color was voted the color of the year by Pantone. WOW!!! What does that really mean? Oh well, so I'm a bit ignorant to some of the lingo and the technical and uptight- taken-to-seriously area of the  fashion industry. It seems that this color is going to be used everywhere this Spring.  Jil Sanders, Valentino.. who by the way seems to be thriving with pieces for the everyday woman or at least the more realistic woman... and DKNY have all sent HONEYSUCKLE Pink down the runway for Spring 2011 I can't wait!

2. Orange- YEAH!!! Any shade of orange that works for your particular skin tone! PLEASE!  Pay attention to your skin tone... for those of you who must have a a... shall we say goldish-golden sort of tone for the springtry not to blend into the savvy orange of choice. For this may CAUSE the beautiful color to be banned from the fashion color WHEELLadies! DON'T blend-in. Check out to get started on Spring.  I love and crew cut for kids...great place to get started for spring or anything.  Tory Burch is also another great place to shop for this color.

 Pink and peachy orange are apparently the color of choice for beauty(make-up) this Spring...the forecast for cosmetic trends are JUST blush!!!... with a nude lip... strong eyes and strong lips are put to rest for Spring!

3. Yellow- Beautiful sweet Yellow! So soft and sweet. This color always brightens my mood.  This color makes me smile.

4. Blue- soft, baby blue, sky blue and very basic and classic color navy blue, dusty sky blue,aqua WOW... we love Tory Burch She is famous for pairing navy and orange together... so rich and Luxe!

5. Earth Tones- Think Rag & Bone and then think Victoria BeckumHer proven fit worthy and structured beautiful dresses are perfect... along with her new bag collection.

6. White- One of the colors or lack of colors I will be rocking this S/S 2011.  I really loved the looks of Yigal Azrouel and Temperely London 

I am loving the way the Spring 2011 COLORS are working together... so many options for so many price points and so much room for individual creativity!  LADIES ignore the snow and ice outside your doors... start researching and planning and budgeting your spring wardrobes and spring trips and activities... and if you have a LITTLE girl please include her.  These beautiful soft options are certainly for her too!!! AGE appropriate...Obviously!!!

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